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How Can "Out of Her Mind" Help YOU?

There are many ways to get the word out about yourself, 
your business or your organization - 
some you may have tried before, 
some you may not have thought of - until now...

Aside from Fresh Ideas, "Out of Her
Mind" also offers the following 
services to 
and businesses alike:

 Newspaper and Magazine Articles -

Kasie will write and submit articles to local and national publications, both consumer and business to business.  Need a writer - Kasie's your girl!!

Press Releases -

A press release is similar to an article, but rather than targeting one publication, the release is disseminated to several venues in order to "get the word out".  The press release is an important tool to announce company changes, grand openings and other newsworthy announcements.

Sales Letters -

An old-fashioned approach in this modern world could equate to some surprising results!  The pen MAY just prove mightier for your business!

NEW!!  Website Copywriting/Content -

Looking to build your own website?  It's a powerful new tool that no company/organization should be without.  There are many talented graphic designers out there who can help you build your site, but how will you choose to communicate who you are to the world?  Who better to illustrate who you are online than a professional writer?  Carefully chosen words paired with powerful images will help increase awareness and tell your audience (current and POTENTIAL customers) what your company/organization has to offer them. Whether you're launching for the first time, or wish to freshen the copy on your current website - Out of Her Mind is ready to help!

NEW!!  Blogs & Social Networking -

Truly the future of marketing, a blog is a great way to communicate company news, tips & trends relating to your field and (most importantly) drive traffic to your website.  Forums like Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn are terrific tools in growing your reach, publicizing your blog and communicating news in real-time microbursts.

NEW!!  Direct Mail Copy -

A tried and true method of reaching your target customer.  Make sure you're sending the message you want to send!! 

Ad Copywriting/Simple Design

Kasie can design and write the copy to advertise your business according to your specs.  Whether you'd like to run it in local publications or make into flyers to distribute yourself - once completed, you own the artwork and can run it again and again.  When you need changes made or want to start from scratch, contact Kasie.

Brochure Copywriting/Simple Design  - 

Kasie can design the layout and write the copy for your Company/Organization Brochure. A Brochure is a terrific tool to list your services for prospective and current customers/members.   

Newsletter Copywriting/
Simple Design & Layout

Kasie can design the layout and write the copy for your Company/Organization Newsletter.  A Newsletter is great way to stay in touch with your customers/members and keep them updated on your latest innovations/products/upcoming events.  (NEW!!  Now Also Available In Electronic Format!)

Marketing Proposals/Guerilla Marketing Campaigns -

Sit down with Kasie to discuss your business needs and goals.  Kasie can develop a plan for your approval designed to help move your business into the forefront.

Staff Manuals - 

A valuable asset to any business/organization, the Staff Manual communicates basic training, along with company policies and procedures to its' employees/volunteers.

Retail Merchandising/Display -

Also known as Four Walls Marketing.  The visual aspect of your business can be the single most important message you convey.

Ghost Writing -
We all have a story to tell, but some of us don't know where to begin!  Kasie can help you compile your memoirs or the memories of someone you love for publication.

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