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About "Her"

Kasie Bolling -
Freelance Writer

The"Her" in "Out of Her Mind" 

is Atlanta native - Kasie Bolling. Aside from heading her favorite "project in development" - her family consisting of hubby, two daughters, two kittens and loveable little mutt - Kasie is an aspiring novelist and freelance writer.  She is a graduate of The University of Georgia's Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications.

Kasie offers close to 20 years 

of combined experience in retail management, public relations, marketing and advertising.  She has been writing nearly from the moment she was first able to hold a pen.  Her passion for prose, paired with her love of helping others might just be the key you've been looking for to turn your business on.

Kasie believes that the act of communication truly is an ART! 

Kasie offers a fresh perspective to your business. Share with her your vision and goals, and watch the ideas take flight!

To preview samples from Kasie's online portfolio, visit her LinkedIn Profile/Portfolio at the following link: 


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